I highly recommend Dr. Clore. I sought a second opinion from him when I had severe TMJ pain following a crown, and my previous dentist could not solve it. He immediately recognized a problem with my bite and knew what to do. I now have no pain, no more gum problems, and fewer headaches.

-Judy S.

Dr. Clore has been our family dentist for many years and we have always been very pleased with his professional manner and the quality of his work. I first went to Dr. Clore when another dentist had recommended a root canal. It turned out that there was a problem with the alignment of my teeth and I have never had that root canal. Dr. Clore is a perfectionist when it comes to his dental work and he makes certain that his dental work is going to last and it is done correctly. I can and have recommended Dr. Clore without reservation. He is the best!

-Mary R.

Thank you, Dr. Clore, for giving me back my smile and for an extra shot of self-confidence. I have been plagued since my teenage years with bad teeth in the worst possible part of my mouth (at least, in the worst part cosmetically). You are the first dentist in a line of many to suggest and implement the ultimate solution. I confess that I was not an easy sell and that it took a long time for me to commit, but now, I can smile and laugh without any self-consciousness. I appreciate your professionalism and your personal touch as you restored my smile and attended to the other problems in my mouth. Your staff is to be commended also; they are an integral part of what you do and always make me feel like a friend when I see them.

-Polly V.

I am delighted to write a positive review of Dr. Kenneth Clore's treatment of my myriad and complicated dental issues. For many years, I received incompetent dental care, at great expense and discomfort, by a Bethesda prosthodontist, who, among other incompetent work, installed two bridges, totaling $8,000, which failed in less than two years. As the next step in the prosthodontist's treatment plan, which outlined procedures and fees, was presented to me, I realized it was finally time to move on. I had foolishly invested time and resources in the hope all would turn out well. Leaving the practice was not without great thought. What if I fared no better elsewhere? I consulted with my highly respected oral surgeon of decades. He gave me only one name – that of Dr. Kenneth R. Clore, whom he called a “dentist's dentist.” And so began my successful journey with Dr. Clore and his topnotch dental staff.

I presented with a mouth abandoned by competent dental care. My teeth had become so traumatized I had significant bone loss. My misaligned bite was causing headaches, a clicking and sliding jaw, broken fillings, loose crowns, TMJ pain, neck pain and muscle spasms.

Dr. Clore, through painstaking work, dedication and expertise has rebuilt the way my upper and lower teeth meet. This herculean task was essential to not only function but to stop the ongoing damage being caused by my out-of-alignment bite.

Through the fillings, crowns, root canals, impressions, fittings, bridges and the like, I have never felt discomfort nor have I doubted that I am receiving the best dental care available. My teeth are physiologically sound and aesthetically pleasing.

Dr. Clore has easily earned a 10 out of 10 regarding ease of making appointments, timeliness, cleanliness, friendliness and competence. Dr. Clore's staff are bright, accommodating people dedicated to a job well done as well as making their patients feel welcome and comfortable. I appreciate each of them, as well as Dr. Clore, immensely. It is with all sincerity that I recommend Dr. Kenneth Clore.

-Laura B.

Dr. Clore's meticulous work and desire for perfection resulted in a beautiful, natural outcome. He is an artist as much as a dentist!

I have been Dr. Clore's patient for more than 20 years and he has provided excellent care. I have had to have 2 root canals and a pulp capping which saved a tooth that a periodontist wanted to extract for an implant. He is also very committed to the concept that patients feel NO pain. I highly recommend him for general and cosmetic dentistry.

-Roxanne F.